Monday, December 31, 2012

12 Days of Christmas: Day Six: The Year in Review

Since this is the last day of 2012, I thought I'd take a moment to be a little reflective about the past year. And what better way to reflect on the past year than with a bunch of links to old blog posts? So without further ado, here are the highlights from Kimber's Great Adventure 2012. (Internal linking for the win!)

1. Happy Last Year on Earth
Remember when we all thought the Mayans were going to kill us? Or something. This was my first post from this year, in which I reference that now-debunked prophecy, tell you about a delightful New York New Year's tradition, and plug a DC cupcake shop.

2. Today I learned an expensive lesson
In February I discovered some troubling news about international shipping. Take my experience as a warning, dear readers.

3. The X-Files raises a lot of questions
I wrote this back in March, and I'm still trying to make my way through all of The X-Files, so I thought I'd bring it up again. These issues continue to bother me, well into Season 4, but I can't stop watching. And to be honest, I think this post was really well-written. You may disagree, but you'd better read it again to make sure.

4. A debilitating fear of mine
In April I laid bare my soul and confessed one of my greatest fears, after spontaneous human combustion, of course. There's no defense against that!

5. My 18-Hour Journey from France to Edinburgh
Thanks to a series of wacky mishaps, a simple trip from one part of Europe to another became a noteworthy adventure. As a bonus, this post includes a video of my friend Cailey recounting my reaction to a thing.

6. "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me tooth"
In this post from July I discuss my fear of cavities. In a cruel twist of fate, I got my first filling in September. Damn you, hubris! I blame Scotland's lack of fluoridated water. I have since bought a powerful electric toothbrush and received a Waterpik for Christmas.

7. No one could say the flight was boring
On the way home from Scotland in September something awful happened to my mother. Awfully funny! I apologize for that joke. WARNING: Do not read if you have a problem reading about vomit.

8. Self-Reflection and Cheese
Because no review of my year would be complete without at least one recipe, take a minute to think back on this tutorial for homemade ricotta. I've made it many times since, and it's always a hit. Bonus Tip: If you don't like lemon-basil ricotta, you can make plain ricotta by substituting distilled white vinegar for the lemon juice. You're welcome.

9. Things "Fall Apart" (But That's a Good Thing)
This year my dear friend Joe created an awesome iPhone game, which deserves another plug. If you have an iPhone and you haven't already bought this for yourself or someone you love, you should really consider it. And then tell everyone you know to do the same.

10. IKEA 2: Return to Sanity
In this sequel to 2011's IKEA, Bringer of Madness, I return to and make peace with the popular Swedish retailer. Read about my experience and also my advice for those new to the IKEA experience.

I hope you enjoyed this retrospective, my friends. Tell me what you thought and what your favorite post of the year was in the comments section! Because you keep a list of your favorites, right?

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