Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Adventures in Housewifery: Getting Wax Out of Clothes

Today I learned an amazing household cleaning trick. So amazing that I want to share it with the World! I had lit a candle for some air-freshening and ambience somehow managed to pour wax all over my pants. Don't ask how; I don't want to talk about it. Anyway, here I am with wax all over my only really good pair of black pants, and I know enough about wax stains to know that throwing it in the laundry would not be a good idea.

So I turn to my trusty Google and ask it how to remove wax from clothing. And voilà! Amazing trick!
  1. Get an iron. 
  2. Get some paper towels. 
  3. Place paper towels over waxy places. 
  4. Iron. 
  5. The wax will re-melt and be absorbed by the paper towels. 
And that's it! Wax removed! So easy someone with a rudimentary understanding of ironing could do it. Just make sure to completely cover the wax with paper towel before you start ironing so as not to melt the wax further into the fabric. I hope you all spill wax everywhere sometime soon so you can try this out. Merry Christmas!

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