About Me

I am a graduate of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA. For a year after graduating, I worked for my parents part-time. Let me tell you, dear reader, I got pretty darn good at answering phones and stuffing envelopes. In September of 2011, however, I embarked on a new adventure to earn a Master's in English from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Master's in hand, I returned home to Florida in September of 2012 to start a career of some sort. I had did the 8-to-5 thing for a couple of years, but now it is time for the next leg of my journey...

I realize that my blog's title might seem hackneyed, even boring, but I do think that life is one big adventure. I'm feeling that way especially now, when my future feels so vague and subject to change. I had planned to defend my title and my philosophy on adventure in this section, but since he already did it so well, I will let author Michael Chabon* explain:

"As soon as you have crossed your doorstep or the county line, into that place where the structures, laws, and conventions of your upbringing no longer apply, where the support and approval (but also the disapproval and repression) of your family and neighbors are not to be had: then you have entered into adventure, a place of sorrow, marvels, and regret. Given a choice, I very much prefer to stay home, where I may safely encounter adventure in the pages of a book, or seek it out, as I have here, at the keyboard, in the friendly wilderness of my computer screen."

So my promise to you, dear reader, is to venture past my doorstep, to have adventures, to explore, to learn, to be uncomfortable, and then to return to the safety of my laptop and tell you about it. I hope you enjoy.

*Michael Chabon is the author of the Pulitzer-prize winning Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, as well as The Yiddish Policemen's Union and Wonder Boys.