Friday, October 28, 2011

Grocery stores are different here

During my recent sojourn to my local Tesco Metro, I came across a few products that I thought deserved to be photographed. I'm sure this will be the first in a series of similar blog posts. 

Why in the world would a tissue need to be "mansize"? On second thought, do not answer that. 

Note: this is a clear soda, not unlike Sprite. If this doesn't seem strange to you,
then you are perhaps more worldly than I. This is the only color of cream soda I have ever seen. 

Fanta Beach?! It's strawberry-kiwi flavored! This sounds amazing.


This picture is awful. The focal point is illegible. I apologize. What you're meant to be seeing is the sign in the back that reads "Pot Snacks." Teehee. Not what they meant, but that would be a brilliant idea. 


  1. They used to sell the "Mansize" Kleenex in America as well, and my grandfather is still upset that they discontinued it here.

  2. You use mansize tissues to clean up salad cream, naturally!