Thursday, July 1, 2010

This is real

Stephen Baldwin was raised in a good Irish-Catholic family, and now he needs our help!

Let me reiterate. This. Is. Real. A website has been formed by a Christian group pushing for the "All That Know Him Movement." The site's aim is to get lots of people to all give a small amount of money to a worthy individual, with the hope that many small donations will get that person back on their feet. First recipient? Stephen Baldwin, of course. The actual URL of the site is, but you can also get redirected to the site if you type in Restore Stephen Baldwin dot org. 

The idea behind it is that, in the manner of Job's friends, God sends people to help restore bankrupted individuals to their former wealth, provided that they lost their wealth because of their faith. 'Kay. 

Stephen Baldwin's career has suffered because, as an outspoken Christian, he won't do films with excessive sex or violence. Certainly he's not broke because he has poorly invested the millions he's made over of the course of his life, squandering his earnings like so many actors who have found themselves in this same state of destitution. Because that would mean that personal responsibility is involved. No, let's all donate our money to Stephen Baldwin instead of, say, the homeless or people in war-torn countries. That's a good idea. 

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