Thursday, July 1, 2010

Greetings from Lexington!

After a month of being away, my adventures have brought be back to Virginia. I've missed this old place. It's not the same, though. Finally I see that once you graduate, nothing is ever quite the same again. For one thing, they've torn everything up. As you can see in an 11-minute video on the Washington and Lee website, they have torn up a lot of ground to build new walkways and buildings and something called a green roof (more research on that will follow). Also, they've finally finished Newcombe Hall, which is beautiful, but it really drove home the fact that I will never have class in the renovated Colonnade. Sad.

Ok, enough W&L news. The real reason I'm posting right now is that being back in Lexington reminds me to acknowledge the friends I made while I was a student of this fine institution. One such person is the hugely talented Michael McGuire. I was looking at his YouTube channel this evening, and I thought that everyone else should too. This young man is only nineteen years old, but he sings like someone twice his age. Well, at least someone 133% his age. Check him out. Spread the word. Maybe follow him on YouTube.

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