Monday, January 16, 2012

Recommendation: Tell Them I Died Robbing

Tell Them I Died Robbing is an awesome new band out of Lakeland, FL, comprised of members Joe Cruz and Kimber Wiggs. Ok, I realize it's not really fair to recommend myself, but hey, isn't that what this whole blog thing is really about? Joe and I wrote this song over Christmas break, and we think it's pretty good, so we'd like for you to listen to it. We hope you think it's good too. All the production and music is the work of Mr. Cruz. He is amazing. A few days ago, this was pretty bare-bones, and he's transformed it into something pretty epic. Give it a listen. Tell us what you think (as long as what you think is positive).


  1. I like this post, because it mentions me. a lot.

  2. It mentions you almost exclusively, in fact.