Friday, January 20, 2012

Best Email of the Day

If you have never bought anything from Abe Books, I recommend it. It's a huge online seller of second-hand books, and it is a great resource if you are a literature student of any kind. Their books are of good quality and are often quite inexpensive. And they sent me a great email today.

You know how if you've ever bought a single thing from Amazon you get daily emails recommending things you should buy? You don't? Oh lucky you. Well I do. And usually these emails recommend things like "Best-selling Fiction" or "Best Deals for Students." This morning I received such an email from Abe Books. And here's what is said:

"Everyone should have an ornithology book... From tiny hummingbirds to great ostriches, buy a bird book today." 

They pretty much said it all. 

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