Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Well well, sixteen Russian

I received another gem of a spam email today. I figure this must be a technique of getting junk mail past spam filters, but I prefer to think that crazy people are composing these messages.
From: Jackson Mcgillicuddy
Subject: Well well, sixteen Russian

[a link that I will not reproduce here]
Hear it occurred to call upon. Said pott with large room Gabriel grub was carried away. Stop in every night before. ovodpkxg
Winkle trembling with such thing. Because they seemed rather think. Samuel slumkey hall and contented himself
I think this might be inspiration for a poem. Actually, it may already be a poem. I can totally see it. That's some deep stuff. Clearly Gabriel Grub is a metaphor for man's sense of purpose. That he is "carried away" is a symbol of the directionless ebb and flow of modern society. Samuel is obviously the prophet Samuel who anointed King David, but in the contemporary world there are no more poet-kings in whom he can put his faith, so he contents himself with an existence of slumping through halls, ever in search of a bygone age.

Yeah, I'm practicing for grad school. I think I'll be fine.

*UPDATE* Upon further research I discovered that Gabriel Grub and Samuel Slumkey are both characters from Dickens's The Pickwick Papers. This opens up whole new avenues for analysis.

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  1. Here is my expanision of the above brilliance into a poem I call "Well well, '16 Russian":

    I hear it occurred to them to call upon the Muses of music and war.
    Said the pot of stew surveying the room, “Gabriel Grub was carried away. He used to stop in every night before.”
    A garbled word in shaky Cyrillic, symbol of an empire fallen, and Winkle, awake, trembling at such a thing.
    They seemed rather to think that the old poet-kings were dead, and that gave them license.
    Now Samuel, slumping through the halls, contents himself with memories of oils unspilled, aware that what he thinks is nonsense.