Friday, January 28, 2011

Work Anecdote of the Day

Last night I came up with the best idea for a blog post. It was clever and funny, and I even came up with a few pithy turns of phrase before I fell asleep. And of course, I wrote none of it down, certain I would remember in the morning. Nope. It's gone. Oh well.

So instead you get an anecdote that isn't really an anecdote. It's more of a question. Today I was contemplating the keyboard at my computer, and I was wondering, can anyone tell me what this button is for?

In what possible way could this button make my keyboard become "turbo"? I'm a bit afraid to push it. Are flames going to come out? Or does it just make my typing super fast?


  1. If it's like third party controllers they make for video game consoles, the turbo button pushes the a button like 400 times a second so that Mario never stop jumping. That is what this keyboard is used for, right?

  2. How did you know? That is exactly what I use this keyboard for. AND NOTHING ELSE!