Thursday, August 26, 2010

Decision 2010: TOMS

Ok, faithful readers, I need some advice. I really want to buy a new pair of TOMS shoes because a.) they are super-comfortable and b.) I like the smug satisfaction that comes with TOMS'(s) brand of philanthropy. Given that these both cost the same, and keeping in mind that I live in Florida, where "summery" styles stay in style far into January, which of the following should I buy?

Plum Cord Classics

These are made of corduroy!


Morocco Vegan Classics

These are not made of animal!

Please cast your vote in the comments section. Now that Primaries are over, this may be the most important thing you vote on until November. And even then, my choice of footwear probably trumps at least a couple of Senatorial elections.

Oh and while you're at, feel free to weigh in on whether TOMS when possessive should get another s, and if so, should it be capitalized?


  1. I like the purple ones. But the real question is, what will you wear with these shoes? Which pair can you get the most use out of?

  2. It needs the possessive! It's a brand name, so the "'s" is separate and shouldn't be capitalized.
    Example: "I will never own a pair of TOMS's shoes. No way, Jose." This example assumes that I am against philanthropic shoe companies and that I regularly converse with a friend, Jose, about my footwear opinions.

  3. Get some stilettos and just call it a day...

  4. The black and white.

    Also, I think you should ditch the possessive "s" and stick with "TOMS'"

    ... sort of how you make "Jesus" possessive.

  5. Hm. I'm feeling the purple ones, I also feel like they might go with more. And I think you can wear them in florida. It's not that hot in the fall.