Thursday, August 19, 2010

B&G's Soup Stop

One of my favorite Florida hideaways is B&G's Soup Stop in Sarasota. Nestled in the corner of an obscure strip mall on Webber Street, B&G's features at least nine fresh soups daily, and though it may be a bit difficult to find, I have never found a better place for soup. 

To give an example of the kind of selection you can expect, here are the nine soups B&G's is offering today (according to their website): 
     - Creamy Chicken Noodle
     - French Onion
     - Ham and Bean
     - Sausage Cabbage and Potato 
     - Chicken and Lemongrass
     - Tomato Basil
     - Cream of 5 Onion
     - Chili
     - Gazpacho 
On other occasions, I have also been privileged to sample their Corn Chowder and Vichyssoise. The possibilities are endless! 

If I had to pick a favorite, it would be a tie between Tomato Basil and Cream of 5 Onion. The owner of B&G's, Brent Williams, once told me that if they had a "signature" soup, it would be the Cream of 5 Onion. It has all the rich oniony flavor of French Onion, but with a smooth, creamy consistency. Add a few French-fried onions to the top for texture, and you've got a soup that I've never seen anywhere else. As for the Tomato Basil, I've had good Tomato Basil soup elsewhere, but this ranks among the best. It's classic comfort food. 

I could probably eat soup for every meal, and if I lived in Sarasota, every meal would probably take place at B&G's. But if you're craving more solid food, they also feature a wide array of pre-cooked meals that you can take home and heat up AND a really nice Chipotle Mac N' Cheese. 

I wish I had pictures, but I don't because I ate it all, so if you're in Florida anytime soon, you should go there and see for yourself. 

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