Friday, September 7, 2012

The jnd and Diet Mojitos!

July saw the debut of an exciting new project by a group of very talented people I am honored to know personally. The jnd, which stands for "just noticeably different," is an artist collaborative consisting primarily of Julie Slonecki, Kenny Sharpless, Billy Green, and Vanessa Ndege, four Washington and Lee University graduates who want to build a community for musicians and artists to share contacts, experience, and knowledge. To that end, they are producing their own art, music, and designs, which they will use to promote further artistic collaboration.

Their first release is a collection of eight tracks, featuring very listenable electronic instrumental music, with influences in hip-hop and blues. These tracks highlight the members' own creative interests, which they hope will inspire other musicians and artists to further develop what they've begun. In addition, Sharpless and Slonecki are currently working on solo projects due out in the fall.

I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next, and I can tell you from personal experience that these people are cool as hell. Take a listen to "Dance to a song," which features some great sampling of the Beatles. You owe it to yourself.

You can check out more from The jnd on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud.

And what better way to enjoy this awesome new music than with diet mojitos? That's right, my friends. Thanks to Crystal Light and my mother, I have discovered a fantastic new potent potable.

Crystal Light (I swear I'm not buzz-marketing) has recently started making a series of "mocktail"-flavored drink mixes, including margarita and mojito. Add a little booze and you're in business! Assuming your business is drinking sugary alcoholic beverages. To each his own.

Here's how we did it:

1 package Crystal Light mojito mix
1 1/2 cups light rum (I suppose you could use less, but why would you want to?)
2 cups Sprite Zero (these are diet mojitos, remember)
2 limes
~ 2 1/2 cups water (to taste)

Serve over ice. Preferably in crazy bent glasses. Fan-frickin'-tastic.


  1. I love the phrase "fantastic new potent potable." It sounds like alcohol designed by Roald Dahl!

  2. I bet Roald Dahl could design some great alcohol!