Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Headed to the Aran Islands

Tomorrow we head off the Aran Islands and to a music festival in Kinvara. We will be staying in a couple of youth hostels, which makes me very excited. Hopefully it will be nothing like this.

I've taken about 100 pictures so far, but I have yet to upload them onto the computer. So for now, I will paint a word picture about the Irish landscape and how it differs from Korea (I wrote this on the bus to Tralee on Monday):

The difference between the Irish and Korean landscapes is striking. Korea was all half-started construction, dark mountains, and dirt. So much dirt. Ireland is hilly, but rolling rather than craggy, and green. Everywhere I look, gorse and grass. It's cloudy, but the sun peeks out, reminding me that it is still there. The overcast of Ireland bespeaks imminent rain, but it is clean in a way that Korea's overcast is not, polluted as it is by smog, industrialization taken too far. Cows and sheep dot the landscape here as well, and the fields stretch on for miles. I see lush green mountains in the distance and am reminded of home.

Well, that's all I have for now. I must rest up for our drive tomorrow, but stay tuned for the next exciting chapter of Kimber's Great Ireland Adventure.

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